Looking for C# / .NET internship from January 2022

In connection with my education through Arbetsförmedlingen at Lexicon to become a C# / .NET programmer, I’m searching for an internship from January 2022. Preferred location: Malmö, Sweden. Companies must be located in Sweden.

During our four month education (september – december 2021), we are scheduled to go through the most of the following subjects:

• Visual Studio 2019 and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studios
• Object oriented C#
• Generic classes

Web and ASP.NET Core MVC
• CSS3
• Bootstrap 5
• JavaScript
– Vanilla JavaScript
– React.js
• Git version control – Built in version in Visual Studio 2019 and GitHub Desktop
• Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Core Databases
•Entity Framework
•Tools: Visual Studio Code, Visual Studio 2019, GitHub Desktop, Command-Line/PowerShell

Application development
• Client-side web
• User Experience

ASP.NET Core MVC and SCRUM-project
• ASP.NET Core web API
• Razor Pages
• Projektarbete

• Azure functions
• Deployment
• Continuous Integration
• Continuous Deployment
• IoT Hub
• Cosmos DB

For more information about my working skills, previous work experience and eductation, visit my